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    An Excerpt From My Journal

    I’ve had several embarrassing moments. I had to go through my journal to take the one that’s more recent, annoying and funny.  There was this guy in my French School then,…

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    Let’s Talk Jesus

    We all get stumped  Let us talk about Jesus. Let’s stop spending most of our lives healing our emotions. We don’t feel qualified and look like we are all shades of…

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    Our winners are here!!! Happy New Year??????. It’s that time of the year when everyone is trying to get their destiny together. God has been so faithful. I want to thank…

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    “Whollup, what did you say?”? Reason to Believe wants you to have a say in her post and have an exclusive giveaway. All you have to do is to read the…

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    My Best Story

    I decided to read my favourite story one last time It was accompanied with nausea rippled in an empty stomach The only light I could see was darkness and shadowy forms…

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    Hello December ?

    Yaaaaay or Nayyyyy?. Who is truly excited about this last month? Well I am because I’m alive. One minute I was planning my 2017 and the next minute I am looking…

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    OMG ? it can’t be possible!!!Staring at my screen,  Digesting all the sweet memories everyone is sharing on his page, Looking at his best pictures on my timeline and the captivating…

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    Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a great day like I am? I can’t wait to share this song I just listened to. First of all the beats is on…