Friendship: Reevaluating Expectations and Setting Boundaries

    I used to believe that being a ride or die friend meant taking on all of someone else’s problems and burdens as your own. I prided myself on being that kind of friend, always ready to act and help. But I learned the hard way that sometimes being too involved can make you seem irrational. I realized that sharing too much with the wrong person can backfire, and I don’t want to make that mistake again. Friendships can be complicated.…

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    Days First were the days that were part of me; There were days when I didn’t feel alone. There were days when all I could feel was the warmth of the…

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    Embracing Love’s Essence

    I feel foolish seeking love from mere mortals— Humans still fumbling through life without laughter. I fail to see how I am guilty of the same sin for which I blame…

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    Lesson 101: Want

    A tale of people and things. You want something so bad You go for it All effort seem futile to have it You fight for it You can’t imagine life without…

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    True bond brings inner peace and strength. Maybe it happened quickly, but she’ll always prioritize others before herself. It never mattered if it was a random stranger or a childhood friend.…

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    I’m happy for growth. It’s a beautiful thing to witness personal development and positive change within ourselves. It’s a journey that requires self-reflection, learning, and a willingness to confront our own…

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    Bittersweet feeling (LIFE AS IT IS)

    Experiencing it in the most diluted and purest form At some point you’ll just learn to allow things be without trying so hard to influence the situation Even your worst fear…

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    Romans chapter 8 and verse 18 says ‘For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us’  …

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    What is right?

    Have you ever wondered about the questions that keep you awake at night? The ones that make you question your beliefs, values, and actions? The ones that challenge you to think…