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    Maybe we should start believing Perhaps we have nothing at all to lose Maybe all our dreams aren’t forgotten after all Maybe it’s not just that late to start ticking our to-do list   Yes the wait is so long We are tired of all the questions All the time and effort is looking like a waste Our faith can’t carry the words “hold on” anymore   Years have gone by and we are getting older Our experience is looking…

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  • Know Him More


    There is a point we accept the average we are get as normal Yes we believe ! Yes we pray !! Yes we hope !!! But what is going to happen…

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    Haiku: L S T N

    I want to be heard   Even though my voice fails me   Or I’ll leave for good…

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    A Piece Of My Shattered Heart

    I had a cheerful heart: I divided it into a hundred pieces,  I gave out ninety nine, I kept a tiny battered piece for myself.  Whenever any of them felt troubled,…

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    Hey Stalker

    I know you’ll be the first person to read this We probably talk everyday Maybe we’ve never had an actual conversation But you have all my recent pictures from on your…

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    Tell Me Your Fears

    I know this will sound like another sad love story. There’s this guy I met in church. I didn’t particularly like him because I felt he always wanted to be the…

  • Know Him More


    How Do I Overcome the Disappointment?  When you first get out of a relationship, the last thing you want to hear is, “God has better plans for you”. While healing from…

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    A Tempérament Song

    -Hey I’m Sanguine, what’s your name?” -I’m Phlegmatic” -Hi I’m Melancholic” -Choleric” Sanguine: What do you think about this seminar? It’s exhausting Melancholic: I’m really worried about how things are turning…

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    When will you change? You can never change! And she never did.…

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    I think it’s time to define myself as a female without trying to be petty or a misandrist I used to think of myself as a delicate primrose waiting for the…