Bittersweet feeling (LIFE AS IT IS)

Experiencing it in the most diluted and purest form

At some point you’ll just learn to allow things be without trying so hard to influence the situation

Even your worst fear gives you peace of mind

The people around you sympathise with you

They think you’re sad

But you can’t explain this bittersweet feeling

It gets worse

You can’t be shocked anymore

Even when you feel broken emotionally, spiritually even physically

All you hope for is not to completely lose it mentally

You take life as you see it

That’s the real danger

Nothing makes you happy

Are you sad? Definitely not

Do you want to cry?

Maybe but you have to try so hard to focus on the melancholy music

Oh yh you finally cry but it’s not the conventional type because,

There are no tears.

You don’t sob.

You literally cry in your mind and in your thoughts

Errrrm oh yes the danger 🤔

Hmmm the danger,

You don’t look forward to anything

All your emotions are blocked

Nothing interests you.

People bore you.

You laugh when you can, sleep when you can, eat whenever you can, talk with your friends when you can.

If you wake up fine, if you don’t, you tried living atleast.

You won’t even notice after two days if you didn’t do any of the above (funnier if someone ghosts you and you didn’t realize).

There’s no grand master plan somewhere for the future.

Ever experienced this? I’ve been there and the shoe hurts literally.

The worst part of this bittersweet feeling is that you’re not depressed.

Life just happened and you adjusted your life to deal with LIFE AS IT IS.


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    December 24, 2023 at 5:59 am

    How can such a short writeup be so completely relatable, I hung on to every details like you were trying to explain my story. Nice one☺️

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