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    It’s the last day of my birth month and I decided to post today just because I feel like. So I’ve lived two decades and trennium and I feel ancient already.…

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    Fill up this space Jesus

    Jesus My soul needs you now more than ever Convince my heart to do your will Storms and fears are taking over My day goes with bout of doubts I can’t…

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    Tell me your dreams

    Okay I’m not reviewing Sidney Sheldon’s book with the same title. This isn’t Ashley, Toni or Alette being in one person. I don’t know how that Disociative Personality Disorder works or…

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    How much more can I be grateful?

    Being excited the present day is an understatement, I’m thankful. I’m getting old but I’m still young at heart. I did wake up this morn humour did bless. I did has’t…

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    A Mile In Your Moccasins

    Gradually you’re turning to the person you never said you’d be. You’re doing all the things you swore you’d never be caught doing. Finally you accept it as a lifestyle and…

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    Yesterday evening I went for Bible Study which turned out to be a wake keeping service for a 61 year old woman. I’ve never been to one so I decided to…

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    In April

    With shades of green leaves Rain was back like an old friend Cold was the new warmth…

  • Self Development

    Capitalist Exploitation.

    It didn’t matter if my house was just 5-10minutes away from where I worked, I felt this intense dislike going to work every day. I love acquiring knowledge from people, tasks,…

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    Being Underwater

    Padding my little feet down the walkway Feeling like a model in my monokini I looked at my parents with their broad grin I knew my expected reaction was to be…