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Romans chapter 8 and verse 18 says

‘For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us’



I asked myself how did He do it

Made such a sacrifice

And the ones that He loved

Wanted Him crucified

And He knew that His friends would betray Him

And He knew that His blood would be shed

He could have brought someone else in His place


But instead He said Amen

I surrender


Not my will but Yours


I’ll lift my hands and say



So I looked at my tests and trials

They can’t compare to His pain

And if He can go through it

Surely I can do the same

Oh Lord

I bless You for all of the bad

And I bless You for all of the good

And the place where I stand

You have already stood



Never the less, amen


I don’t understand what it meant


Lord, I surrender


My soul say amen


This is not about me, Lord


But all about Your will Lord



Lord I trust You with all my soul (Amen)

My soul sing (Amen)

Lord i surrender to Your will (Amen)

And i surrender to Your wal (Amen)

There is nothing else to say but (Amen)

Lord You are the Potter (Amen)

And I am the clay (Amen)

You can mold me (Amen)

You can make me (Amen)

You can break me (Amen)

And when troubles comes say Amen (Amen)

And when troubles go say Amen (Amen)

Lord I trust You (Amen)

With all of my heart’s on You (Amen)

Excerpt: Deitrick Haddon Amen



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