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Starting a new job isn’t easy as you’ll get so meet a lot of people both the nice ones and the ones that just want to frustrate your career. Let’s go through this list together and see the one we can relate to. When you’re still trying to be nice to customers so you can’t even talk back or insult anyone even though they’re really pissing you off. You’re waiting for the right time to unleash the inner you so…

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Types of candidates you meet in an aptitude test or job interview. 

I’m sure everyone can totally relate to this post whether you’ve gone for a job interview or a test. Infact it hasn’t changed since the days of primary school entrance exams. I decided to make a post about this after I saw some people with different characteristics in the last interview I went for. Which of them are you?? 1. The confused ones-The ones that didn’t know the job role they applied for. Infact the name of the company. The…

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