Starting a new job isn’t easy as you’ll get so meet a lot of people both the nice ones and the ones that just want to frustrate your career. Let’s go through this list together and see the one we can relate to.

  1. When you’re still trying to be nice to customers so you can’t even talk back or insult anyone even though they’re really pissing you off. You’re waiting for the right time to unleash the inner you so you take in a lot of insults.

2. When customers keep asking about someone that you replaced and starts saying how nice she was and if you are as hardworking as she was.

ok???????? why am i here?

3. When you try to wear your best makeup/outfits to slay and later  realize your colleagues or customers don’t deserve all the goodness

Just love for for who I am

4. When you laugh at what your boss thinks it’s a joke even though it’s a far cry from funny.

5. That evil spirit of sleep is calling your name, you want to give in but realize you’re no longer jobless and remember the expenses you have to take care of at the end of the month.

6. Your parents must have given testimony already about your new job even though you are earning peanuts. After service, congratulatory calls starts rolling in.

7. Your siblings now think they can now rewrite their budget with your salary and new business ideas start forming and we all know who the sponsor is.

8. When you want the best out of life with your salary and you realize it can only get you Coldstone and Domino’s.

9. You mentally start spending your salary and you remember you are just in your first hour at work

10. When you force yourself to remember all that’s being said about your job description and how to go about it, and you can barely remember a thing.

11. Trying so hard to be nice to your new colleagues that won’t let you be on your own.

12. Your table and work space is lit af and you’re really organized but you know this isn’t the real you.

13. You really want to read a novel, go on your social media or listen to music but you don’t want to look unprofessional. 

14. Giving yourself more jobs than you can handle because you’re willing to prove your worth at all cost. 

15. ‘He’s so nice, I think he’s the best boss ever’

‘My boss is the worst, I hate him so much’

16. When you’re the first person to arrive at work. You won’t even be able to sleep well the night before the big day.

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