April II

It’s my excitement for me. Waking up in recent times with the peace of mind that I’m not filtering my LinkedIn to remote, easy apply, registering on every job platform, looking for courses on Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, Edx, etc. Lol I had different CV for different roles Accounting, Economics, Finance, Admin, Customer Support, Technical writing, Compliance, Onboarding Analyst, Technical support, Home care, etc.

God knows it was tough. I gave up several times and tried again. It was my last year where my graduate visa was going to expire. I was tired, I prayed and if I am being honest, I lost faith that something was going to come through for me. I genuinely celebrated the people around me getting jobs that will sponsor their visa and prayed I will give my testimony soon.

Hey God, I was thinking of all the money spent on me coming abroad and if I was going to go back with nothing to show for it. Getting rejection mails were almost like the order of the day. I was even scared of opening my inbox because I didn’t want to see what was going to get me in a bad mood. “Unfortunately, We are sorry, We loved you but, At this time we won’t be, Thank you for your interest but” yen yen. I could read the emails before opening them completely.

My applications became less frequent because in my head, it was always the same story. I started skipping job ads and even removed some of the job notifications. I had a full time permanent job but it wasn’t going to sponsor my stay further that’s why the rush to get something good so I t wasn’t like I was jobless. It could sustain me and help me invest to some extent.

The road to my success story was funny because I was at the point where I had already given up. When I got my interview invitation, I wasn’t even moved to prepare. After all this company has rejected me over and over again and  I wasn’t about to stress my head over false hope. My mum had a dream of me getting a job with a nice ride, that was when I opened up to her that I had an interview coming up. I didn’t want to say anything before because I felt I always told her about my interviews and they never worked out. This time around she said it would be different and the first morning of the series of my interviews she woke me up with prayers.

At every stage of my interview process, I woke up to prayer voice notes from my mum. I was scared I was progressing fast and was so bothered about not getting the job at the end of the day. At a point, my mind was fixed on the job and I stopped actively applying to other companies. After my final stage of my interview, I was nervous every single day, I got a call but it was not a congratulatory message everyone hoped it would be rather it was a schedule for another interview in a role I didn’t apply for. The recruiter kept emphasising how the managers loved me. In my head then why are you making me go through this emotional stress.

After that interview, the usual we would get back to you was said. Dunno how I woke up two days later in the middle of the night crying for no news yet. On a depressing Friday morning, on a conference call with Anita and Nk, I got a message on slack. “Goodmorning Aniekan, I am going to send over your contract this evening, here is the summary in advance”. That scream was the loudest in months for me. I knew then what it was to be filled with joy in 2022. I called every single person that knew my struggles to share my goodnews.

I started working a month later, every day in my head, I’m like this isn’t real. I look at the benefits, salary, my workspace, colleagues and my managers that don’t fail to remind me every time that they are glad I accepted to join the department. I just want to shout for joy again. IT IS REAL!!! I GOT THE JOB AND I AM RIGHT HERE WORKING.

I remember when I did all the unqualified jobs I could find to make ends meet like cashier, waiting, bar tending, kitchen porter, warehouse (the worst ever), baby sitting, did care training, etc in companies I wished I worked with directly in a white collar role. Right now I smile and it was just a process for me. Heck I still babysit and write for people. Every cent is necessary for me, lol.

God always shows up at the last minute. It is time to restructure my bucket and to do list. First of all, no more coding for now and I’ve deleted every job board. Recruiters are the ones reaching out to me now back to back. Issalie!!! I am not interested in the role or joining you company. It’s time to take my personal growth seriously. Finally I have peace of mind.

I want to thank my parents for the tips, prayers, my siblings for praying for me doing Shiloh especially Marve, Ebuka for encouraging me and structuring a new cv for me every week for jobs I was hardly qualified for. Nk for giving me the whole of EU jobs to apply and making me more tensed with her reactions, Nchedo and Faith for helping me with my search and advice. Ruth, Anita, for being there for me emotionally. And every other person that sent me job links, career advice, etc. I appreciate you guys. I pray God settles every one of my family and friends. For those people reading this that need their testimony, goodness is coming soon.

Today is the 30th of April, my future is bright and I am truly grateful.

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    Abigail Johnson
    May 5, 2022 at 5:04 pm

    I thank God for you and more good things is coming your way in Jesus name.

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