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Skins (Pieles) 2017: Review

“I do not attribute to nature either beauty or deformity, order or confusion. Only in relation to our imagination can things be called beautiful or ugly, well-ordered or confused.”- Baruch Spinoza. I’m not really a fan of movies, boredom make me see one. After one hour of going through my Netflix with nothing to watch, I decided to look at the Spanish genre. This particular movie caught my eye. The duration was just 1 hour and 11 mins. Perfect for…

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My struggles that are too real being short.

I’ll be the last person to say I’m short. In my head I’m too tall that’s probably because most of my friends are tall and I’ve never dated someone less than 6ft so it automatically gave me the pass to be tall. But I’m unquestionably short. Sometimes I get tired of looking up to my friends so I can talk to them or getting on tiptoe just for a hug. The struggles are too real. My life sometimes is a…

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Everyday Lifestyle

An Excerpt From My Journal

I’ve had several embarrassing moments. I had to go through my journal to take the one that’s more recent, annoying and funny.  There was this guy in my French School then, his name was Andre (he had “strong ties with the people of France??,” that’s why he had a French name). We weren’t close in my first two sessions. We only spoke when we got paired for conversations. I just knew there was something strange about him I couldn’t figure…

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Post a true bred of Portharcourt can relate to

I love my city and I think if you stay in Portharcourt you can relate as well. I got some of the headings from Zikoko but I arranged all the memes and pictures ❤️   1. When you hear lagosians calling ‘Bole’ Boli/ taking roasted plantain with groundnut.  2. When you enter a vehicle to spar for the first time and the driver starts shouting Lagos.  Bet how ????? 3. Arriving the garden city and seeing the garden itself.  Choi…

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