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Maybe we should start believing

Perhaps we have nothing at all to lose

Maybe all our dreams aren’t forgotten after all

Maybe it’s not just that late to start ticking our to-do list


Yes the wait is so long

We are tired of all the questions

All the time and effort is looking like a waste

Our faith can’t carry the words “hold on” anymore


Years have gone by and we are getting older

Our experience is looking outdated

Our achievements are getting sour

And every day is looking like a struggle with nothing to look forward to


Okay we’re used to hearing the best is yet to come

Whatever happened to having the good now?

Why do we keep confessing all the good things and the result is always in the negative?

Okay let us believe…… but why should we?


All these setbacks will they have any reward?

At a point the friends we had will stop calling

We’ll meet new ones that are almost in our situation

Our calls to them will mean same old story and no news


Waiting is one of the most difficult tasks because it can lead to a whole new emotion we didn’t realize we had; anger, patience, bitterness, frustration can come from waiting. Faith and trust is needed. Yes we pray, but why are our answers aren’t knocking yet even with the effort we take? There is a reason for every setback in life and there is also a reward for every wait. Let us just allow God to take charge while we do our part of praying and not giving up. In everything let us not give up. Let us be persistent in our prayers.

Whenever we face a delay in any situation, don’t ever forget who you are. People will definitely talk no matter what; feed yourself with the right mindset. When Breakthroughs come, all the pain will be forgotten. God’s timing is always perfect

Galatians 6:9, NIV: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”








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