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Remember God in the days of your youth. 

“Our youth is our most energetic years where our bodies are strong, minds are clear and sharp, our enthusiasm is bright and bushy, our wills are steely and determined.”

-David Murray

Everyone wants to be known, famous, wealthy, have some level of influence from childhood but how often do we get what we want and at the same time have some level of commitment to our creator? Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and say, “Life is not pleasant anymore.” (Ecclesiastes 12:1) No matter how much we get out of life or try to live life to the fullest, let’s not forget the judgement that comes after. There are a lot of reasons to seek God in your youth:

– Just because He’s our creator. 

– Hapiness

– Fufilment

– You won’t forget Him at your old age

– It increases your chances of a long life. 

Whenever I come across Ecclesiastes 12:1, my mind unconsciously goes back to my aunt who is really suffering as a result of some terrible mistakes because she refused to put God first in some crucial decisions she made when she was younger amidst the advice of her siblings and people around her. Hers wasn’t the case of drinking or smoking but a marriage to a man who is a principality of darkness. If she was close to God at the point of her courtship, she would have listened to advice from people that truly loves or heard directly from God. Everyday we pray that God has mercy upon her because of the sicknesses she passes through and the struggle to see each day. 

We might be too young to realize that drugs, reckless living and excess alcohol is a weapon of destruction. People often get the misconception that YOUTH IS FOR PLEASURE, MIDDLE AGE FOR BUSINESS AND OLD AGE FOR RELIGION. Let’s use our youthful sensitivity. It is easier to receive the word when we are younger because it is our most teachable age, also the most dangerous where we are exposed to a lot of social devices where dangers abound on every side. As christains we don’t just need our lifestyles to be another religion. It should be about spirituality. Through our lifestyles other people get closer to God. 

‘Vanity of vanities’ says the Preacher ‘all is vanity.’

-Ecclesiastes 12:8

We should always reflect on life’s short span and make the best use of it. We have only one chance to be young. When we are young our body is enticing and pleasing and people are more excited to know us, but when we age, it’s almost like we become invisible. That’s why people try to justify their actions with ENJOY LIFE WHILE YOU CAN. There is always positive and negative enjoyment which has consequences ofcourse. 

Those who remember God in their youth are likely to make His commandments their rule for living. This brings a harvest of spiritual fruit and pure satisfaction in old age. There is a foundation for everything in order for stability to take place and so we can endure the storms of life. We should try as much as possible not to live a life we’ll regret in the future. God bless you. ?✌?️

Frustrating Stuggles Ecclesiastes 12:1-8 as explained by

Physical (12:2-5)

1. Vivid picture of diminishing capacities as we age:

a. Poor eyesight

b. Weakness

c. Hearing problems

d. Sleep problems

e. Graying hair and decreasing muscle tone

f. Endurance decreasing

g. Greater effort at doing little things

2. This is the one positive thing about aging and spiritual life, while our physical capacities decrease with age our spiritual capacities can actually increase!

3. What we lose physically, we can gain spiritually!

4. This picture is not intended to discourage but to simply call attention to the importance of not neglecting God while young, when it is much easier to set a foundation of spiritual dynamics in our life.

a. As we age more of our attention gets diverted to burdens and needs, this is where that foundation really pays off, we have the strength to deal with them then!

b. Those who keep God in their youth never lose the inner strength, even when the outer strength is gone!

 Perspective 12:6-8

1. Now the author adds, “Remember Him before the silver cord is severed.”

a. When death starts to close in, the most vivid memories that we keep are those of our youth!

b. The last things to leave us are our oldest memories, this demonstrates why it is therefore important to remember God while young; this will be some of the longest memories for us to hang on to!

c. While the elderly may sometimes forget the things of the recent past, they retain vivid memories of the distant past.

2. This provides then a shelter for older age, when death is not far away!

a. These memories of serving God in youth will bring a sense of joy and satisfaction even at a time when the physical decline would bring discourage­ment!

b. The ability to look back and feel good about your life is established by the patterns of our youth!

3. There will be nothing more satisfying in old age than to be able to look back and see the hand of God from your youth to your death!

a. This will help us put our life in perspective.

b. It will give great meaning and wealth to our life if we have walked with God through it all!

c. The lifetime of walking with God will enable us to be masters of our fate!

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