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It’s the last day of my birth month and I decided to post today just because I feel like. So I’ve lived two decades and trennium and I feel ancient already. I try so hard so see if I can go with the trend and flow with my friends within my age range but it’s not that easy. Sometimes I feel like a mom, other times a guidance counselor. On a more serious note, 23 is such a cool age…

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Remember God in the days of your youth. 

“Our youth is our most energetic years where our bodies are strong, minds are clear and sharp, our enthusiasm is bright and bushy, our wills are steely and determined.” -David Murray Everyone wants to be known, famous, wealthy, have some level of influence from childhood but how often do we get what we want and at the same time have some level of commitment to our creator? Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor…

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