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Sometimes, the best vacations are the ones that happen unexpectedly. That’s exactly what happened to me when I decided to surprise my forever friend in Tallinn, Estonia. It was long overdue because something kept coming up why I couldn’t make the trip. She even gave up because she thought I couldn’t get a visa. Which I eventually did but kept it as a surprise. My friend Nk and I met in high school, and we’ve been close ever since. However,…

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Adventure, Amsterdam and Barbecue

I finally got my Schengen visa and I’m ready for that travel. It’s been a long time coming. So I was supposed to meet up with my friends Ruth and Ebun either in Amsterdam or France. One week before traveling, there was change of plans. I was going to be a solo traveler for the first week in Amsterdam. I had two weeks to spend, thanks to my recharge week and work from any country 💃🏻. I started my July…

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