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Tell Me Your Fears

I know this will sound like another sad love story. There’s this guy I met in church. I didn’t particularly like him because I felt he always wanted to be the lead singer.  We never spoke. He was friends with everyone with made me see him as a Busybody. After some years all I ever said to him was Hello and Hi even though he tried having a conversation with me both on Facebook and after church service.  The year…

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Self Development

Say It

Speak your mind even if your voice shakes – Maggie Kuhn Looking at some talent auditions, you’d wonder how some people went for the auditions with so much confidence. They have friends and family that will rather tell them they’re good than ‘I think you should honestly work on this or change or career.’ Our unlooking game is the ultimate perfection We seal our lips because it will cost us the ones we hold dear We don’t say the truth…

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Specially for you

I’ve met someone special, the happiest person I’ve ever seen, so full of life that I wondered what I’ve been missing before I met her. Her face is quite different but it made her look intriguing. She has a beautiful heart and I decided she was going to be my lunch partner. She is different from every other person I’ve come across. She is carefree, eats with joy and she’s always grateful from the depth of her heart.  I had…

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