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How much more can I be grateful?

Being excited the present day is an understatement, I’m thankful. I’m getting old but I’m still young at heart. I did wake up this morn humour did bless. I did has’t to thank God, I did tryeth counting mine blessings at which hour I wast praying, for moo than 1 hour I didn’t reacheth half of ‘t. I figured I’ll spendeth mine life thanking Him. He’s been so like a silver bow in mine life despite going through life challenges,…

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He Chooses Wisely

“He shall choose our inheritance for us” (Psa. 47:4). “It is the Lord: let him do what seemeth him good” (1 Sam. 3:18). In the morning of life I chose for myself—I chose the beautiful and good things set before me, and now in the evening, when the shadows are closing round, He chooses for me. If I have worn a crown of roses, shall I not gladly change it for one of thorns, if it brings me nearer? When…

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Everyday Lifestyle Self Development


“My eldest sister was a single mum who had her child when she was 17, my mum had a small shop outside our house where she sold small provisions but that wasn’t enough to provide for my large family of four girls and one boy with a dad that wasn’t working. We couldn’t even afford the luxury of three square meals. I wanted more for myself, I had to get it through any means. I regretted not being a wealthy…

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Am I too old to have a crush on someone? My last crush was two years ago and it’s not like I’ve not found anyone attractive since 2015, I don’t just know where I kept my feelings. Weird things attract me, it could be having a lazy contemplative look like Forest Whitaker or laugh lines like James Franco, big eyes, broken teeth, someone who is kind without even knowing your personality, or a very smart person from the way you…

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