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Journey To The Land Of Milk And Honey

My life has been characterized with series of suffering but I always pictured that when I die, there will be a beautiful tombstone on my grave. Will I drown here? In Marah: I knew it! We could have been better off drinking spring water back in Egypt! There’s no way I can live on this bitter water. What about the hunger I’m feeling right now? We always had crumbs to eat no matter how terrible our day went as slaves.…

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OMG ? it can’t be possible!!!Staring at my screen,  Digesting all the sweet memories everyone is sharing on his page, Looking at his best pictures on my timeline and the captivating messages from people knowing today isn’t his birthday, I screamed? I remember my last words to him ‘I hope I never get to hear from you in my life again’ ? Now what we argued about seemed so trivial  My eyes blurred and I didn’t know when I broke…

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