The universe is trying to tell me something. I don’t know why I’m impatient to listen. When I’m taking a shower, I try to remember every conversation I’ve had but something doesn’t still add up.

‘I’ll try remembering before I go to bed’

I feel really different…it’s almost like I’m wearing someone else 

I don’t trust my conversations

Maybe I’m just getting old and I’m going into the next phase of life

Something doesn’t seem right

Econometrics isn’t helping

I need to breathe… I keep holding on to memories when I was a child. Life was easier then. I didn’t have to think so hard about doing the right thing, studying, career, love, religion, friends

My thoughts are like cobwebs.  I wish it was so easy to clear them. 

Don’t tell me how I should feel. It’s crazy I’m even writing this.

I’m half sleepy.

The night doesn’t scare me anymore. Fire is just one of my play tools.

My dress is covered in thorns and the blisters from my shoes remind me how pain can be sweet.

I’ll close my eyes and rest now.

………I hope my dreams won’t haunt me tonight.

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