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The universe is trying to tell me something. I don’t know why I’m impatient to listen. When I’m taking a shower, I try to remember every conversation I’ve had but something doesn’t still add up. ‘I’ll try remembering before I go to bed’ I feel really different…it’s almost like I’m wearing someone else  I don’t trust my conversations Maybe I’m just getting old and I’m going into the next phase of life Something doesn’t seem right Econometrics isn’t helping I…

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Self Development


After a long month of unexpected hiatus, I’m here and heaven knows I’ve missed writing. If you’re to describe me in one word, what will it be? I think ‘Overthinker’ will fit perfectly. I’ve had a million conversations in my head before I actually say a spoken word. I have dates with my thoughts, I’ve visited twenty countries and 50 cities with my mind. The most scenic environment has already been created by my thoughts. The greater part of us…

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