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For the first time ever, her life was filled with so much drama. She has lived over two decades but she was always the “good girl”. She tried making her life perfect but of course no one was. It just took one day for her ‘quiet shy girl’ status to be over. What hurt her most was that her friends were the ones saying all sort of things. She was heartbroken. All she did was cried throughout the night into…

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Thank you Father

It’s my duty to be grateful today and everyday Thank you Father: For life that has no duplicate but I’m living the best of it For reassuring my faith even in trying times and adversity For good health when there are a lot of life threatening ailments For numerous blessings For understanding every situation I go through and stepping in with the best solution For doing so much for me when I’ve done little or nothing in return For giving…

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Sometimes I struggle to find peace and maintain it in my life. There’s a lot of hostile energy that exists in the world today and I allow it to get to me. Most times I fail to understand that inner peace is a choice I have to make. They’ve been a lot of ups and downs, conflicting situations that I have to make a lot of decisions which may or may not be favorable in the long run. A lot…

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