I didn’t see this trip coming soon. It was expected at some point but later than sooner. After a little argument with the loml, next thing I’m checking train fares, hotel prices and my PTO to suit the day we wanted. My browser was filled with things to do in Galway. I was making budgets to minimise costs I didn’t plan for.  After my weekend request for time off was not granted, what a better way to start your week…

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    People of the Second Chance II

    “Dispelling the Beautiful Lie” Today I want to begin with a harsh truth. You see, most if not all of us believe what I call the beautiful lie. The lie says this…

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    People of the Second Chance

    HIS BELOVED One of the fundamental questions we ask in life is: Who am I? My simplistic answer to this question is this: My truest, purest, nonnegotiable identity is the beloved.…

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    Esther was born for such a time as this. She was beautiful and found favour in the sight of all those who saw her. She was a woman who grew into…

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    May was indeed a genuinely good and blessed month for me. I’m grateful for my family, friends, loved ones and acquaintances. I’m happy to be alive. It’s been goodnews all around…

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    Why do you go to church?

    I was having this steaming shower when this question popped into my head. My housemate told me churches are reopening. I was so excited that I had to go on the…

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    Jesus Baby

    God has always been the center of my existence. I’ve seen Him do a million things in my lifetime that I certainly have no doubt that He exists and I’m too…

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    I wanted to write a tale of a good friend. I know I have a bunch of bffs but today Ruth is the one. Friendship isn’t a transactional or a tit…

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    …..After 2 months It started with a birthday wish. And a few questions. Tbh she didn’t even care about him that much. She just wanted to submit her project and get…