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    Journey To The Land Of Milk And Honey

    My life has been characterized with series of suffering but I always pictured that when I die, there will be a beautiful tombstone on my grave. Will I drown here? In Marah: I knew it! We could have been better off drinking spring water back in Egypt! There’s no way I can live on this bitter water. What about the hunger I’m feeling right now? We always had crumbs to eat no matter how terrible our day went as slaves.…

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    Dictatorship with the garment of democracy Footsteps on the way to freedom accompanied by chains and headed by insatiable politicians  Religion crazed nation, atrocities in the name of the Holy One…

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    Make Prayer a Priority

      Prayer is the breath of Christian life. It is real communication to our maker. It doesn’t have to take a particular form. When we pray, we should do that wholeheartedly…

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    For what reason do we generally go for what is awful for us? He was resolved not to ever love on the grounds that He’s been hurt severally It was excessively…

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    After a long month of unexpected hiatus, I’m here and heaven knows I’ve missed writing. If you’re to describe me in one word, what will it be? I think ‘Overthinker’ will…

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    The goosebumps were filled on the skin Hairs stood at the back of the neck In a moment, the rancid smell of liquefying skin blended with roasted hair and metals was…

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    Hey is that you?

    “Is this the only shirt you have?” I’m reading that in Atonye’s voice. Gracious Lawd!!! Why today? Why me? “Lol. I know I’m putting on the same garments and shoes the…

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    It’s the last day of my birth month and I decided to post today just because I feel like. So I’ve lived two decades and trennium and I feel ancient already.…