Summer in Ireland

    When I open my blinds every morning, I always check the rose petals if they’ve bloomed. For me, it kind of represented a new change that’s coming. After that, I open my windows to feel warmth of the summer sun. The blazing of the blue sky and the golden sun meant it was time to get picture ready. I’ve never liked winter. It felt like all through the year was cold. Moving to a new country meant I had to…

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    Encourage Yourself in the Lord

    You Have A Choice Everyone needs encouragement in their lives. Encouragement infuses hope and strength when life gets tough. But, as you grow and mature in your walk with the Lord,…

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    The best part of me

    I was very curious growing up. I wanted to know everything. I wanted to be part of good conversations with great minds, so I started reading. When I was seven, I…

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    The First

    The first The best The truest And the only Someone comes to mind And it’s really worth my smile 😃    …

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    The Best Ever

    Falling in love was something that was certain for us. Regardless of how things turned out, I am glad we remained friends. We’ve known each other long enough to let our…

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    Hello 25!

    Happy Birthday to me. It was not long ago I made a bucket list of things to do before I turn 25. I slept and woke up and then boom: “Happy…

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    I finally believe the eyes are the windows to the soul Your eyes are the purest form of art I basically invented a conversation with them that will never be I…

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    Smile Laugh Forgive Pray Love Eat Sleep Read God Bite Joke Encourage Give Disturb Play Plan Passion Observe Loyal Good Kind Crazy Write Sew Bake Cook Teach Learn Family Friends Forgive…

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    Dear Father

    Dear Father, From the depth of my heart I’m grateful for everything. You’ve never let me down even when I lose my faith. It’s getting crazy and scary out here. A…

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    For the first time ever, her life was filled with so much drama. She has lived over two decades but she was always the “good girl”. She tried making her life…