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    A Piece Of My Shattered Heart

    I had a cheerful heart: I divided it into a hundred pieces,  I gave out ninety nine, I kept a tiny battered piece for myself.  Whenever any of them felt troubled,…

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    Hey Stalker

    I know you’ll be the first person to read this We probably talk everyday Maybe we’ve never had an actual conversation But you have all my recent pictures from on your…

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    Tell Me Your Fears

    I know this will sound like another sad love story. There’s this guy I met in church. I didn’t particularly like him because I felt he always wanted to be the…

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    How Do I Overcome the Disappointment?  When you first get out of a relationship, the last thing you want to hear is, “God has better plans for you”. While healing from…

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    A Tempérament Song

    -Hey I’m Sanguine, what’s your name?” -I’m Phlegmatic” -Hi I’m Melancholic” -Choleric” Sanguine: What do you think about this seminar? It’s exhausting Melancholic: I’m really worried about how things are turning…

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    When will you change? You can never change! And she never did.…

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    I think it’s time to define myself as a female without trying to be petty or a misandrist I used to think of myself as a delicate primrose waiting for the…

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    Don’t Be Young And Old At The Same Time

    Dean was a middle-aged, married Englishman – one of the many foreign friends I met through Facebook, way before the Yahoo Boys started scaring them all away. We became friends primarily…

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    Thank you Father

    It’s my duty to be grateful today and everyday Thank you Father: For life that has no duplicate but I’m living the best of it For reassuring my faith even in…