The Best Ever

    Falling in love was something that was certain for us. Regardless of how things turned out, I am glad we remained friends. We’ve known each other long enough to let our silence do the talking. There was a time I hung on to every word you said, they were valuable like gold and that hasn’t changed. When life became tough for me and I became unstable, you kept me afloat so I won’t drown with my problems. We have a…

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    Hello 25!

    Happy Birthday to me. It was not long ago I made a bucket list of things to do before I turn 25. I slept and woke up and then boom: “Happy…

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    I finally believe the eyes are the windows to the soul Your eyes are the purest form of art I basically invented a conversation with them that will never be I…

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    Smile Laugh Forgive Pray Love Eat Sleep Read God Bite Joke Encourage Give Disturb Play Plan Passion Observe Loyal Good Kind Crazy Write Sew Bake Cook Teach Learn Family Friends Forgive…

  • Know Him More

    Dear Father

    Dear Father, From the depth of my heart I’m grateful for everything. You’ve never let me down even when I lose my faith. It’s getting crazy and scary out here. A…

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    For the first time ever, her life was filled with so much drama. She has lived over two decades but she was always the “good girl”. She tried making her life…

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    Haiku: College

    My eyes are tired My head is filled with numbers I hope it’s worth it…

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    Winter Hiatus

      I’ve tried writing on several topics but I always get stuck half way because I don’t know how to start and when I do, the conclusion isn’t that easy too.…

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    “I can’t even believe you’re really getting upset over this small issue. This is something that can be settled without raising your voice and giving me life warnings. I’m sorry. I…