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    Living Free

    Prayer: God, I ask that you would give me peace through the suffering I endure. I thank you that even though life may come crashing down on all sides, I have your uplifting hand sustaining me. I recognize that I will never fully understand how you work, so increase my trust in you. I ask that even if life doesn’t turn out the way I plan, I would recognize and trust in your power and plan. Thank you for the…

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  • Lifestyle

    Change is coming

    Somehow and somewhere in my heart I always prayed for change. It seemed impossible. It felt like we’ve adjusted to the system of corruption and it was working fine for us.…

  • Lifestyle

    September 2020

    My September started uncertain and at the end it became clear that everyday was the summary of my last 8 months. It was filled with  congratulations from engagements, condolence messages, my…

  • Lifestyle

    If you’re happy and you know it

    Can we all decide to take a break from all that’s going on around us and decide to happy regardless of how sad we feel? Some of us are having the…

  • Lifestyle

    Pure vibes and Insha Allah

    I’ve been all about being peng with my jpegs. The past few weeks were like the best so far. I started a Whasapp vlog. Tbh it doesn’t make sense to me…

  • Lifestyle

    Summer in Ireland

    When I open my blinds every morning, I always check the rose petals if they’ve bloomed. For me, it kind of represented a new change that’s coming. After that, I open…

  • Know Him More

    Encourage Yourself in the Lord

    You Have A Choice Everyone needs encouragement in their lives. Encouragement infuses hope and strength when life gets tough. But, as you grow and mature in your walk with the Lord,…

  • Art Lifestyle

    The best part of me

    I was very curious growing up. I wanted to know everything. I wanted to be part of good conversations with great minds, so I started reading. When I was seven, I…

  • Lifestyle

    The First

    The first The best The truest And the only Someone comes to mind And it’s really worth my smile 😃    …

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    The Best Ever

    Falling in love was something that was certain for us. Regardless of how things turned out, I am glad we remained friends. We’ve known each other long enough to let our…