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“Whollup, what did you say?”? Reason to Believe wants you to have a say in her post and have an exclusive giveaway. All you have to do is to read the poem below and interpret it in your understanding. The top three winners will receive prizes. Why don’t you give it a try and see how poetic you can be. Send an email to aniekan.johnson21@gmail.com for your entries. Winners would be announced. 

Drowsy with the dread of the unknown

With little patience for chit chat

My body worn from fatigue

My face hollow cheeked from hunger

I heard voices but couldn’t figure out a word

My mind was far away with a rush of euphoria mixed with depression

Now this voice directed at me

The electric jolt I felt when I heard it

I fluttered my lashes, looked up slowly and I felt shy.

I managed to speak, still self conscious 

I stammered

I realized my hair looked all shades of my messy self 

The black showed my fragile state

And the white tip reflected me trying to be utopian

Then he smiled

I admired those eyes for a brief second and looked away immediately 

I was scared of letting my feelings on my sleeve

And I knew he was the one for me

I found friendship
I was scared I won’t match his perfection 

I was worried his summer and sunflower will be from the girl next door 

It didn’t happen

My winter and spring was all laughter

My weakest moments were filled with smiles from my dandelion

Making the cottage our love nest

The trees our covering

And the livestock our guards

I found happiness 
Tears and pain rushed through my veins when I thought it would end so soon 

I was lost

Putting threads, getting pricked without a thimble and the red liquid flowing reminded me of the colour of love

Despicability came with forgiveness 

Distance of a thousand miles became a journey of an inch

Our households united 

Our hearts became one and brought our yin yang existence

I found love. 

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    December 31, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Nice one!

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