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Self Improvement

Self improvement is the improvement of one’s knowledge, mind, skills, status or character by one’s effort. 

“Becoming a better version of yourself is the main goal of self improvement-to improve in your job, your business, your relationships”. 

                                          -Tyler Leslie

How comfortable are you in your present state? Do you dream big and constantly want to improve yourself? There are a million questions to ask about our self improvement. Most times we want to improve but no zeal, no one to encourage us or give us a little push. I won’t say I’m a lazy person but I want to always get that motivation before I do something that will benefit me. There are a lot of things I want to be and if I don’t improve myself can I even get close? Most times we feel the basic things we need to improve ourself is not necessary but it is. We have to start from somewhere. Lemme drop these tips that would help because I’m using them too :

1. Read a book everyday. It must not be motivational. It can be articles from the newspaper or magazine. Give it a try and let it become a habit. They are concentrated source of wisdom. 

2. Pick up a new hobby. It could be anything at random. 

3. Learn a new language. I’ve been learning Yoruba for over 5 years now and all I know is Ekaro ?( I’m joking sha). 

4. Take up a new course. It could be project management, ICAN, etc you know them. 

5. Overcome your fears, let go of the past if not you are not ready to move forward. 

6. Wake up early. It could be difficult for those of us without a job where you have to report early to work. Nevertheless, wake up early. It increases your productivity. 

7. Exercise

8. Get a mentor or coach. 

9. Show kindness and reach out to people that hate you. 

10. Get a journal and set your plans in motion. It’s not long I started mine and it’s been really helpful. 

13. Avoid negative people

14. Get out of your comfort zone. I’m a victim. I love staying indoors but I’m working on that. 

“God’s word is the best source of guidance for self help and motivation for self improvement”.


We are changed by the renewal of our mind. We have to think and act differently Romans 12:1,2. Let’s imitate Christ 1 Peter 2:21,22. Believe you can change with God’s help Proverbs 4:23. Develop a plan of action Proverbs 14:22. Seek help from people James 5:16. Substitute good habits in place of bad ones Ephesians 4:22-32. And finally be patient Romans 2:7. 

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