Revive (Sting II)

When he wasn’t searching he found her. 

She came to his company for something and they met at the lobby. They had lunch and spoke about everything his shy self could admit to. She was funny. She brought out his humorous side. He didn’t believe he could make someone laugh. He thought his sense of humor was dead and gone but here he was feeling alive again. 
He didn’t hear from her after a week and he was really scared of calling because he did not know what the outcome might be. He struggled so hard until he eventually allowed this ravishing emotions consume him. He picked up his phone and called. She didn’t recognize him but was excited to hear his voice. Apparently her phone got stolen after their meeting. It was probably part of his ill luck. 

Days turned into weeks and he always looked forward to hearing from her. His happiness could not be hidden anymore. That other one tried to bring him down the more when she noticed his self confidence was building up, but one day he took his bags, left and never returned. He performed better at work. For once he noticed he was ‘beautiful’ he actually smiled at the mirror. He was satisfied at the end of each day. Even though he couldn’t take those memories away, he didn’t accede to them. 

How can the beach be so soothing and throughout his 3 decades he was just observing?. He actually laughed, how could he express this joy? He felt free. His performance at work was amazing, he got promoted within months, he gained back his lost weight. He couldn’t believe he moved on and actually be this happy. He went to her and thanked her for his new life. 

I made him realize that I didn’t do anything spectacular and being with the wrong set of people will always make his fragile past his future. I shared the word of my Father with him so he could get complete peace incase one day I decide to be a monster. I advised him to absorb it day and night so his soul would be filled with the words of life. I tried my best encouraging him. I wanted him to get back all his past years of sadness and guilt. I was his soul sister. We visited all the places we could have memories, the karaoke bar was our favourite spot. When he asked me to marry him, it came naturally and duhhhh I said yes. He was perfect in my eyes, I wouldn’t want anyone to hurt him that’s why I wanted to be everything to him. I was passing by my children’s school and I saw the other lady, I couldn’t help but look at her and do the ‘NTOOOORRRRRR‘?, I almost went in front of her to dance. She looked sad, she would never understand this happiness with my companion because she only allowed herself to see his dark side. I looked like I had the whole world. 

…………….It’s time for our thirtieth wedding anniversary and renewing our vows made me feel young again like the first time we met ?‍?‍?‍?. It was new every morning and yes I feel blessed ??. 

People go through a lot in life, our encouragements mean a lot. Sometimes it could be bullying in school, maltreatment at home, any form of abuse that can affect emotionally. You can either reduce someone’s lifespan or build it up. Be kind with your words, it goes a long way. Show love to people like their lives depended on it. Don’t throw away good things because you’re too blind to see it’s value. Be cautious and deal patiently with others. Without prayers nothing can be done. I believe so much in love, that my life should be God’s standard in my relation to people. 

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    Micheal Ojemoron
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    beautiful story

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      Lol. Don’t cry

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