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Helping Other People Excel

Happy new month everyone and welcome to September??????……It’s almost like I just started writing yesterday. This new month is filled with goodnews and God’s anointing coupled with a lot of testimonies.  So I want to gist about my C.I.T.Y ( Catch and Inspire Them Young) camp organized by HOPE (Helping Other People Excel) foundation. I am glad I didn’t miss out this year because I didn’t just impact lives as a volunteer, I had a lot to learn from financial intelligence, relationship and dating, Sustainable Development Goals, makeup art, interacting with a lot of other campers and hearing real life experiences. It ran consecutively in Abuja, Lagos and Portharcourt for 10 days. 

What exactly was the CITY camp about?

It’s an initiative organized for teenagers based on five thematic areas:

1. Leadership (This has to do with instilling leadership skills). 

2.Personal Mastery (Help in discovering uniqueness, understand the art of goal setting, planning and craft a vision for life). 

3. Educational Excellence ( This has to do with majorly academic excellence, with side focus on life long learning and curiosity which is the bedrock of progress and development). 

4. Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (This covers areas of finance and the art of entrepreneurship). 

5. National Development Consciousness (It’s all about becoming part of the solution providers for our nation).  

Don’t miss out next year either as a volunteer or as a camper. ❤️

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