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Happy New Month

This year is really going on a fast pace. Like we are in the second quarter already which means I’m getting older too?. Happy new month to all my fabulous readers. It’s April Fool’s Day, who are you pranking today? Please let’s not overdo and kill someone’s hopes after raising it high or giving someone High BP ?. Lemme run off and do mine ??????????. 1st April, 2014 I pranked my Facebook users that it was my birthday, I changed the date on Facebook so after 200+ wishes, I said it was April Fool, people were upset and let it slad. A month later on my birthday I forgot to change it back to my original birthday and in summary I got just 10 birthday wishes and it was from my family members ???, I was genuinely sad, it backfired.

I’m so sorry I’ve not really been consistent with my writing. I started attending a French school which takes basically most of my time trying to learn and understand what I’m taught. Most days I feel like giving up that language isn’t for me (my tongue won’t just get the accent right ???) but I’m pushing forward by God’s grace. It’s a new month and lemme start it with positive vibes. 

How many of us can remember all our goals we were so eager to start January? What’s our progress like? It’s a new month and not too late to start afresh. We can hardly do it on our own, we have to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit to direct us. Also let me give a few steps to guide us on achieving our goals:

1. Use a journal, diary or a goal tracker (could be an app) to track your progress and see if it’s going fast or slow. 

2. Start with short term goals that are specific so you won’t have any need to procrastinate and it makes the long term goals easier.

3. Learn about people with similar tasks that achieved theirs.  They could be your family, friends, scholars, celebrities, etc. Just get a mentor/ motivator. 

4. Share your goals with someone that can help motivate you. You can just pick someone that you share your goal with and vice-versa. It can be the night before and at the end of the day or week you can review the accomplished goals or the failed tasks ✌?️. By the way I have this awesome goal partner that keeps pushing me to continue with my goals even when I feel like giving up, shout out to Ojem, I love you ???. 

5. Get related goals incase plan A doesn’t work, you can switch to plan B or plan C. 

6. Divide big goals into bits and set a specific date that it has to be accomplished. It will make it easier to start and look more achievable. 

Finally commit yourself into achieving them. 

I want to use this medium to this beautiful sister I’ve known since I knew what bad was from good, left from right. Lai-Skeen, model and fashionista. She is a very special happy person and I pray the good Lord Favour and direct her all the days of her life and also grant her heart desires. Happy birthday Gift not gifty biko.  ?????????????????????

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    April 1, 2017 at 8:33 am

    Nice post, I will definitely review my goals today. Thanks.

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