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Christainity On The Go. 


“Go out quickly into the streets and lanes” (Luke 14:21).

“Go into the highways” (Matt. 22:9).

“Go into the village” (Matt. 21:2).

“Go into the city” (Matt. 26:18).

“Go ye and teach all nations” (Matt. 28:19).

“Go ye into all the world” (Mark 16:15).

  • Florence Nightingale went from her beautiful home to the bedside of dying soldiers.
  • Billy Bray, the miner, went into the villages around about and taught Christ and witnessed for “his Father.”
  • Elizabeth Fry, although a mother, went into the prisons.
  • Robert Raikes went through the streets and gathered up the ragged children.

Whenever Christianity has flourished ordinary people have “gone” across the backyard to a neighbor; the factory worker has witnessed at the bench of a work-mate; the office girl has crossed the room to speak at another desk; and the student has taken the message to the classroom and campus.
Christianity at its best, is religion on the march. It is a mobile thing, an adventure, an experience that thrives best on the highway, not in the closet. Wesley felt his heart warmed at Aldersgate. He left that prayer-meeting to leap into the saddle. Thus the Methodist Church was born. He found his faith more virile on the highway than in the cloister.
Christianity is a “saddlebags” religion. Its genus is its ability to meet life on the run; to lead a mobile attack on the great issues men have to face. It was born on the highway in the heart of the One Who called twelve others to follow Him up and down the trails and caravan routes of Palestine.
It has been a world factor whenever it has been true to its genesis. It has failed whenever it has settled down. It is always at its best when marching into new frontiers. If the Church is to meet the challenge of today, it can do so only as it recaptures the ability to adjust itself to the extremely complex issues raised by our civilization.
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An excerpt from my devotional today CHRISTAIN’S DAILY CHALLENGE. 

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