A Piece Of My Shattered Heart

I had a cheerful heart:

I divided it into a hundred pieces, 

I gave out ninety nine,

I kept a tiny battered piece for myself. 

Whenever any of them felt troubled,

I looked for ways to keep it going,

I wanted mine to be better,

I had to fill the with so much love so it can bring life to the sad one. 

Some hearts felt I didn’t care about their happiness anymore

How can I amend broken hearts?

All I do everyday is fill them with everything I want for the broken heart. 

They’ve been given nothing but the best

The battered heart I had was angry, 

Upset and filled with rage. 

I was willing to let the hearts go,

That will get me another battered heart,

I want to love them as life goes on,

So I took the sad hearts and made it better with happiness.  


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