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Tale of the lazy writer

I had two worlds known to me. The one I lived in and the one I created from my imaginations. Words were something that flowed through my veins. For every statement I made, it meant so much to me. I absorbed the words and created images from every description I read till they became part of my memory. I loved stories. I could deal with lies if they were interesting enough to listen to. I became engrossed in fiction and…

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Art Lifestyle

The best part of me

I was very curious growing up. I wanted to know everything. I wanted to be part of good conversations with great minds, so I started reading. When I was seven, I tore pages from my notebook to write a storybook. I had several of them. My imaginations were so wild. In primary school I had Enid Blyton’s collection and I read all the LadyBird books in the school library. Newspapers were my next best thing when I entered junior school.…

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