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Dictatorship with the garment of democracy Footsteps on the way to freedom accompanied by chains and headed by insatiable politicians¬† Religion crazed nation, atrocities in the name of the Holy One Barter with humans, blood as the new currency Death bills in fulfillment of elections treachery The struggle of financial freedom where the investor is at the mercy of the lender Protests emerge subtly as sponsored campaigns¬† We are Judas with shreds of independence left that may take us back…

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My Best Story

I decided to read my favourite story one last time It was accompanied with nausea rippled in an empty stomach The only light I could see was darkness and shadowy forms of anguish My fingers were numb as my throat was dry from pain My palms were sweaty and sticky as I stared on the story that was once filled with sunshine  My heart was a raging inferno with no relief to be found The pages were blurred from rivulets…

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