Hey Stalker

I know you’ll be the first person to read this

We probably talk everyday

Maybe we’ve never had an actual conversation

But you have all my recent pictures from on your phone

You know things about me that a lot of people won’t notice

You know my favorite colour

You’ve done a lot of research on topics I’m interested in so you can be well informed and sound cooler when we talk

You always check Facebook for the green dot

And always refresh your timeline to see my status

You know my friends, both those I don’t talk to anymore and the ones I hang out with

You follow my every move

I’m your favorite notification that’s because you have a special alert tone for me

You replay every conversation we’ve had atleast 10 times before you sleep

I know you’re my number one fan

Stop being the mysterious person loving me from the shadows

Hopefully I won’t get freaked out when you finally tell me all these things.


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