Hey is that you?

“Is this the only shirt you have?” I’m reading that in Atonye’s voice.

Gracious Lawd!!! Why today? Why me?

“Lol. I know I’m putting on the same garments and shoes the last time I saw you. Trust me it’s happenstance. Infact I’ve not worn it since then until now and here you are once more. Chill enable me to clarify this.

“You can accompany me home. I have more garments and footwear however you’ve chosen to simply observe me wearing this one without fail.”

Who has had this experience? It happens a lot with me and with different people. It happens the main shoe that goes with what I’m wearing is the thing that you saw me on a week ago or I took the best picture ever with the same cloth that has been on my display picture for quite a long time.

Also, heading off to the market resembling a skrep, that is that day they’ll be turnup in the market with both my companions and foes.

“Aniekan is that you?”

“Allô! No o. I look like Aniekan, also I can identify with the general population that know her. Aniekan is unquestionably preferable than who you’re seeing.”

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