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I entered May broke. Btw I’m always broke 🤣🤣🤣. It’s always May for me. The 7th to be precise. That’s my birth month and my favourite period of the year. I started thinking about my birthday since last year December but I didn’t have any concrete plans. I was already tired of the whole house party thingy so I wanted something different. That included sleeping and waking up. Days into my birthday I already have series of dates and fun activities lined up by my friends.

So basically May started with a bank holiday. The first thing I had in mind was to paint. I did this amazing painting of a landscape. It’s one of my fave ever. After that I had an activity Go Quest. We were about 8 and got split into smaller groups to compete against each other and see who completes the most rooms in the time set. There are different types of activity rooms with fun challenges to complete – Mental, Dexterity and Physical. I’m always in the winning team as my team came first 💃🏻. I’ll highly recommend it. After that we went to this Brazilian restaurant to have MEAT. If you know me very well, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of any kind of meat. We had different types of steaks as much as we wanted.

The following days came with my birthday plans. I went to the cinema and a Game Center( Bowling, pool, 3D games, car racing,etc)   I know no one will believe me that I didn’t have any particular plan for my birthday until I saw my self going outside to take pictures with makeup. Lol. It dawned on me that my birthday was the next day. That’s when I started arranging stuff and looking for what to cook. I invited a few friends over to come and dine with me. I didn’t finish my birthday shopping because I had one Guinea/Muslim  party to attend.

I was up really late on the morning of my birthday trying to marinate the beef for suya.

Yaaaay. My birthday came with such a blast. Text messages flooded my phone and I got lots of calls. I became in the birthday mood. My friend Ebere was already up cooking. Hey God!!! I was really confused what I was going to do as I was not even done with my shopping. My sister called me and was sympathising with me how this would be the first time ever I won’t celebrate my birthday. I kind of said I wanted to cook for a few people then it slipped that I was waiting for the marquee. My sister was like Ma what? “I‘ll never trust you in this life again. I knew you couldn’t let your birthday slide without celebrating it. Even mummy and daddy were worried that this was going to be the first time. I won’t be surprised if you’ve invited over 30 people and call it small get together”.

Lol I went about my day party and grocery shopping. Cooking everything I could do. Finally my beautiful guests started arriving one after another. Okay I’ll admit it was lit. I had a good time. Food was excess but I dunno how everything disappeared in the midnight. The gifts were amazing. I had fun.

I started my workout journey again. And I know deep down I won’t be able to keep up.

I finally went for this VR. It was mad!!! I thought I’m always a bad guy but I was there scared of something that wasn’t even real. Atleast I had the best seafood ever before embattons my journey.

May went by slowly. I had had a bunch of activities I was doing. Going for confirmation and I eventually met a new friend. Summer was coming gradually. The sun was a blessing.

Boom!!! House search again. I’m always back to looking for house every six months. Lol

May was everything I hoped for and more.

Thank you Jesus

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