I didn’t see this trip coming soon. It was expected at some point but later than sooner. After a little argument with the loml, next thing I’m checking train fares, hotel prices and my PTO to suit the day we wanted. My browser was filled with things to do in Galway. I was making budgets to minimise costs I didn’t plan for. 

After my weekend request for time off was not granted, what a better way to start your week in a new city and a breath of fresh air? I was stressed from cooking that morning so I could save money spending on one or two main meals. Next thing I’m sneezing up and down. I’m hardly a fan of long journeys so the 2h30m train ride from Dublin to Galway was the one I dreaded. Netflix came through with this Sex Life movie that had a lot of people talking. 

After we reached Galway, all the peng pictures and poses I thought of taking all day vanished because I wasn’t in the mood. All I wanted to do was just eat and sleep. Maldron hôtel for thé win. Our friend Fav came around and told us what to do with our three days vacation. Did it happen as planned? Nah. The rain happened. 

The plan was to stroll to Salthill Promenade overlooking Galway Bay but the weather wasn’t fair one bit even and yet we were in Summer. We just strolled around, went window shopping and filling our system with junks. Movie date was next on our list. Ayo decided we see Fast and Furious 9. I’ve never watched any of the franchise before now so I thought I wouldn’t understand it. It went well, I enjoyed it. Cinema is not my favourite place to be because I’ll likely just sleep off but I didn’t and couldn’t allow myself to. After the movie, we went on a beautiful dinner date outside the restaurant (due to covid restrictions). It was cold and we ordered blankets tho for warmth but I had to still look like a baby girl. Tuesday was fine. 

We started the next day with Irish breakfast. I ordered everything, both the one I wanted and the one I knew deep down I wasn’t going to eat. Rain once again. I eventually completed my movie and we had our Thai massage appointment. Before now I’ve not been completely fine still sneezing with chest pain, incessant headache and asthma attack. Everything was all out to ruin my vacation. The one hour deep tissue massage was amazing. Then we strolled round the city center. It’s was all I needed. Kebab, another amazing dinner date where we got tired of the food and late night cinema was next. 

I woke up with a bloody phlegm. I was so worried. Not sure I was ready to go back to Dublin. We had the ferry to catch by 9 going to Inishmore, Aran Islands and Cliffs if Moher. I was sluggish with my preparation but we got there on time. We sat on thé open deck to get a better view of the sea and the dolphins. Cold didn’t let us stay there more than an hour. We had to go to the lower deck. Boom!!! Arran Island here we are. It was a long day there with the locals and bus tour, people riding bicycles. I’m like nahhh. The village life is not for me. It was amazing seeing a lot of old and historic structures. 

Late afternoon we sailed to the cliffs of Moher. It was an amazing sight but I was stressed out at this point. We got back to Galway around 6. Our train to Dublin was for 7 That was the longest most uncomfortable journey I’ve ever had. I loved Galway. If the weather was nice and I had more days, I would have enjoyed it better. I got home really late and had to prepare for work the next day. 

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