Change is coming

Somehow and somewhere in my heart I always prayed for change. It seemed impossible. It felt like we’ve adjusted to the system of corruption and it was working fine for us.

I grew up with a system where the masses thanked the kleptomaniac leaders for the crumbs accumulated from the national reserve.The whole system was fucked up. The poor got poorer and the “ogas at the top” knew only one thing: how to keep stealing.

Hoodlums were created as a result of this system. Who was to blame? The government? Their parents? We can’t overlook anymore and act like this don’t hurt. We are constantly killed by the genocidal government that are meant to protect us and are surrounded by bodies of those we love. Those who wanted a better Nigeria.

Are we losing this fight? Maybe, but today and everyday we’d lend our voices to this cause till we get our freedom. A lot of people have to be held accountable for the loss of lives and bad governance.

Things can never go back to the way they were. Yes I’ll fight. I’ll scream till my voice is heard. Life has to get better sooner for every Nigerian. Living in fear in the past didn’t change a thing and that’s why we must be brave to the end.

I’m not looking for utopia but it won’t be bad if we have one. To get this change we need an understanding irrespective of religion, ethnic group or social class. 

This pain is more than what my mind can carry. I am certain that it is not too late to rectify the wrongs of our fathers. The souls of those people who fought for a new and reformed Nigeria won’t be in vain 💔💔💔

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