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Dear Father

Dear Father,

From the depth of my heart I’m grateful for everything. You’ve never let me down even when I lose my faith. It’s getting crazy and scary out here. A lot of people are jobless, traumatized, stressed, sick and hungry. Provide our daily bread for today, tomorrow and everyday of our lives. I want to ask that you meet us at the point of our needs. Let us come through all these unscathed. We can’t do this alone without you. You’re bigger than every situation we are in right now. COVID-19 has shaken the world, I ask for sustenance. Preserve the lives of those affected directly or indirectly, the infected ones especially the elderly. Teach us Lord to number our days so we might grow in wisdom. I’m hungry for you, I’m hungry for love. Fill me. I know I need you more than ever.

Thank you 🙏🏻

Your beautiful daughter,


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