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Speak your mind even if your voice shakes – Maggie Kuhn Looking at some talent auditions, you’d wonder how some people went for the auditions with so much confidence. They have friends and family that will rather tell them they’re good than ‘I think you should honestly work on this or change or career.’ Our unlooking game is the ultimate perfection We seal our lips because it will cost us the ones we hold dear We don’t say the truth…

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Crossed Fingers 

Walking into November like a queen that I am ?. Who cares if I’ve not eaten today ?actually no one ??that’s why I’m glad I’m alive, not just me but family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, loved ones including my Facebook friends?. I’m getting older every month and I’m still thankful for everything. Today is special because one of my friends close to my heart has something to share on this platform. Open your mind to new thoughts, atleast someone’s view. Her…

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Sometimes I struggle to find peace and maintain it in my life. There’s a lot of hostile energy that exists in the world today and I allow it to get to me. Most times I fail to understand that inner peace is a choice I have to make. They’ve been a lot of ups and downs, conflicting situations that I have to make a lot of decisions which may or may not be favorable in the long run. A lot…

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