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The Best Ever

Falling in love was something that was certain for us. Regardless of how things turned out, I am glad we remained friends. We’ve known each other long enough to let our silence do the talking. There was a time I hung on to every word you said, they were valuable like gold and that hasn’t changed. When life became tough for me and I became unstable, you kept me afloat so I won’t drown with my problems. We have a…

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Cher amoureux, I’m really excited writing to you. God knows how much I’ve missed you and your killer advice. A lot has been going on with me and I want to just say how I feel even though I keep acting it’s all good. Life after graduation hasn’t been so easy for me like it’s almost like you have every stage of your life planned out and all of a sudden it hangs. It’s not like you don’t know what…

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