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It’s the last day of my birth month and I decided to post today just because I feel like. So I’ve lived two decades and trennium and I feel ancient already. I try so hard so see if I can go with the trend and flow with my friends within my age range but it’s not that easy. Sometimes I feel like a mom, other times a guidance counselor. On a more serious note, 23 is such a cool age…

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Self Development

Say It

Speak your mind even if your voice shakes – Maggie Kuhn Looking at some talent auditions, you’d wonder how some people went for the auditions with so much confidence. They have friends and family that will rather tell them they’re good than ‘I think you should honestly work on this or change or career.’ Our unlooking game is the ultimate perfection We seal our lips because it will cost us the ones we hold dear We don’t say the truth…

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Everyday Lifestyle Know Him More

Don’t forget about me

Many at times we stick to people for a lot of reasons Fame, protection, love, money and popularity for a particular season We promised to be best of friends  And stay through thick and thin to the world ends It didn’t happen like that because you thought I was selfish when I turned twenty I wanted to be always there but I felt like a betrayed and my heart became empty  I wanted us to have the best of both…

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