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Self Development

Believing in me in the midst of Self Doubt

When I started writing I didn’t think it was good enough for others to read. I had lot of things going through my mind. I always kept my calligraphy and colored pens close to me. It was a form of art for me putting down my opinions. But self doubt always had a way of creeping into my head and reorganizing my goals. There’s always this voice saying somewhere “People will laugh at you. You’re not going to get this…

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Know Him More

Fill up this space Jesus

Jesus My soul needs you now more than ever Convince my heart to do your will Storms and fears are taking over My day goes with bout of doubts I can’t escape being in pain Alleviate my fears before they come alive Fix my broken hope with spring like the pastures of the wilderness Amend what I imagine and give me strength like the figs and vine Rescue my thoughts from old wounds and pour warmth into it Speak to…

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