Self Development

A Tempérament Song

-Hey I’m Sanguine, what’s your name?”

-I’m Phlegmatic”

-Hi I’m Melancholic”


Sanguine: What do you think about this seminar? It’s exhausting

Melancholic: I’m really worried about how things are turning out. I’m part of the organizers. I just knew it won’t go as planned. Everyone is already complaining.

Phlegmatic: I don’t think it’s that terrible, atleast I’ve learnt how to raise capital for my business.

Choleric: I’ve organized a lot of seminars single-handedly and gotten a lot of awards from my skills. This looks like a joke.

Sanguine- You make it sound terrible. I’ve attended several conferences in different part of the world from New York, London to Paris. The guest speakers are just boring.

Choleric: Im talking from facts and experience that they didn’t plan well for this. This company is suffering. I’m close to the MD. It’s better they have a merger or sell it off.

Phlegmatic: Wow. Maybe they should sell it then if it’s that bad.

Sanguine: I’m feeling sleepy. Can we just go outside and look at the rocks? They’re beautiful.

Phlegmatic: I don’t know. Do you think this is a good idea going out now? I really don’t want us to get into trouble.

Melancholic: Maybe it would make me feel better. Everywhere is in chaos already.

Choleric: All through my life I’ve been hiking. It would be fun. Where is the waitress? I wonder why people won’t stick to their job. I really need a drink.

Phlegmatic: I can help you fill your glass. I have no choice than to go out also. I’ll watch and look out for everyone.

Melancholic: Hiking? We didn’t even bring any costume for this. I’m worried about this. If we want to go on, Let’s have a more suitable plan.

Sanguine: Ok let us stroll down. Let’s not do anything anyone won’t be comfortable with. My ex called me today. I still miss him and I’ve forgiven him even though he cheated on me.

Melancholic: Everything i had with my ex was based on lies. I find it hard to trust anyone again. I was hurt so bad.

Phlegmatic: you can always talk to me. You still sound sad. I’m a good listener. I won’t criticize.

Choleric: When I’m in a relationship, I don’t have to prove how worthy I am. Most people can’t do without me. Phleg what make is your dress? It looks a bit cheap

Sanguine: You always act boisterous and it’s really irritating. If you know everything stay on your own.

Phlegmatic: San calm down. Choleric you’re right. It’s cheap. Got it at an open market with a discount price. We can handle this as matured adults.

Choleric: See why I hate having stupid conversations? It’s reduces my IQ

Phlegmatic: Ok let’s apologize and move on

Choleric : Why should I apologize when I’m not wrong? Alright…Sorry because I’m the more mature one here.

Sanguine: I’m sorry too. I don’t hold grudges. Besides I have a party on Friday. I’d love it if you can make it. I feel like I’ve known you guys all my life. Choleric you won’t mind a hug right?

Choleric: It’s fine. Melancholic is so quiet. Only God knows what’s running through your mind.

Melancholic: I’m not really the talking type. I’m just worried about the program. I’m thinking of better solutions and what exactly went wrong. It was meant to be perfect.

Phlegmatic: It doesn’t have to be perfect. You tried. Next one would be way better. What are your hobbies? Mine is swimming

Melancholic: I love reading, staying in my room and brainstorming. I have few friends I visit.

Sanguine: I love singing and dancing

Choleric: well, I love organizing and arranging things

Melancholic: Phleg you’re really a nice person

Phlegmatic: Thank you. I love your hair

Melancholic: Really? It doesn’t look great to me.

Sanguine: it is. Learn to accept a compliment. I’m glad I met you guys. I’m happy I’ve made new friends. I love you

Choleric/Sanguine/ Phlegmatic: I love you too.

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    March 31, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    I have read about temperaments before, but I like the way you dramatically displayed their characteristics. Nice one Anie.

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      April 10, 2019 at 6:11 am

      Thank you dear 😊

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