It’s the last day of October and the cold I always dread is here. It’s not just here but it’s here to stay for the next six months. I’m grateful that I’m strong. I’m grateful for opportunities. I think the most fascinating thing this month is that I got medicated glasses.

Sometime in September I noticed my eyes were hurting me. I was worried, but I don’t know what to do.  I thought it was just walk stress and me not sleeping properly one night. I went upstairs to watch the TV and I realised that the subtitles were blurred. I didn’t want to believe i was having eye problems. I kept turning off and on the lights, opening and closing the blinds to read properly but it was still the same thing. I was really scared that I turn off the TV. I decided to use my laptop instead and watch the movie up close. Deep down I was worried about what’s happened. I decided to go for an eye test but I wasn’t sure to find out I needed to wear glasses. I didn’t want to look like a nerd.

One week later I used my friend‘s prescribed glasses to watch the TV and I could see everything clearly that was when I made up my mind I had to go for an eye test. After the test results came out, they said I had myopia and I needed glasses. It wasn’t so bad but Yh it wasn’t good either. I was so worried can I say crime one week later applied for my glasses (my motivation was that I had to get a designer’s frame 👓 Thank God for the lad insurance). I have my glasses now but there is a problem. Everything is looking slant. I have to change them.


I eventually got to meet my team mates at work for the first time. Thanks to my manager leaving. I was so sad to hear she was resigning but I’m glad she made an impact in my work ethic. My Q3 performance review was amazing. I’m glad it was filled with positivity. Back to my colleagues, Michael is very very funny in real life than on our meetings online. Everyone was very heartwarming and friendly. It was my longest day in a while. I had to form I was very serious. We had lunch together and after work, we had drinks together. It was fun but I’m a remote worker all the day. I barely survived that day.

The most memorable event is my beautiful mom born in this blessed month. I pray God keeps her long enough in good health to see the fruit of her labour.

I had nice weekends every week in October. From weddings, bridal shower, dinners to just sleeping. I eventually had my first painting in my new house. Changed my room layout and ready to be lit. I registered for a program that I’m yet to start the classes after one month

They’ve been a few bad news this year but God has started a good thing and he will perfect it until the day of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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