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Maniera by dale

Joyeuse Pâques à tous (Happy Easter everyone) ?. I’m excited that today is a public holiday and I’m at home all day without that early morning struggle of getting what to wear or trying to blend my makeup and still leave the house on time. Shout out to one amazing girl I’ve known since I was 11, Eyimife Egwudale my Aproco partner. She’s a hot fashion blogger and a Mechanical engineering graduate from Nottingham University. Today is her birthday and…

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Makeup by Rosdion

My makeup life has been a bore, God knows I’ve tried my best to flee from the novice zone ?????? thanks to this ‘buriful’ lady I’m featuring today, Nehita Ojemoron. She is someone you’d love to meet, my bestie ( not so sure anymore ? but she’s more than that), well she’s really cool both in her relationship with others and her makeup creation. The first time I saw her professional work unmediated was during my parents wedding anniversary when…

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My Hand-Made Dress

I was really bored last week and I decided to make a dress.  I had to measure myself and sew with my hand ( like every single fabric was put together with ✋?✋?✋?✋?✋?) since I don’t have a sewing machine. It seemed hopeless at first but I wasn’t really bothered about the stress because my mind was really into it. I used approximately nine hours to complete everything. The sewing isn’t so smooth because of the texture of the material…

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Duhhh….Yes I can sketch too

I’ve tried fashion designing once with my friend Nneoma. We even had a name for it, Adelson. It didn’t work out because we were not even serious with it. I have up to a hundred sketches, started tailoring in Agbado-Ekiti where I served but I didn’t take it so serious either. Now I’m ready to go to a fashion school. I can’t be amending only clothes and sewing boxers with all the training. I’m still a learner for now. I…

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